Big Bulk Box - 9mm Mixed Headstamp Brass Cases for Reloading

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  • Athena Supply sells 9mm Brass Cases that are mixed headstamp previously-fired brass cases collected from private indoor ranges. 
  • Big Bulk Box - 10,000 Pieces of 9mm Mixed headstamp brass casings.
  • All brass has been machine and hand sorted for high accuracy rates.
  • Our brass is offered wet-tumbled or raw(uncleaned) in all quantities - use the selector on this page to choose which you need.
  • All orders may include mixed headstamps of brass manufacturers, including military or crimped primer pockets.
  • This is non-processed brass, meaning that the spent primers must be removed.  For fully processed brass (cleaned, deprimed, swaged, resized, polished), please see our "Fully Processed 9mm" listing.
  • It is typical to encounter some "nested" casings of different calibers or other similarly sized brass; however, we guarantee that the amount of 9mm brass will be equal to or greater than the amount ordered.
  • All orders are typically shipped within two business days of receiving your order with free tracking to follow your brass to you!